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Buddy Hendrix | Media Manager

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Hometown: Abilene, TX

Current City/since: DFW, since I came back to Texas in 07

Favorite Food:  Pollo

Favorite Movie:
“I can’t pick one but I’ll give you a list… Paid In Full, Shottas, South Central, God Of War, and uhhh definitely Friday.”

Favorite Color: Black and Purple

Top 3 Music Albums (all time):
“50 Cent- Get Rich or Die Trying, Chance the Rapper- Coloring Book, SPM- Revielle Park.”

Top 3 Music Artists (all time):
“Z-Ro, (this a group but..) OutKast, UGK (fuck it two groups)”

What decade do you most relate with:
“born in the 80’s raised in the 90’s.”

Describe your fashion style:
(inserts Soulja Boy Meme) STYLE!?

When not working… how do you relax:
“a good movie and some exotic.”

Little known fact about you:
“I don’t speak Spanish.”

Hidden Talent:
“Idk if that’s appropriate.”

Describe Friendship in 3 words:
“it’s really real!”

Describe Love in 3 words:
“is this real?”

Describe Art in 3 words:
“Powerful, Impactful, Moving”

What made you want to get into radio? 
“I’ve been interviewing artists for awhile but I was usually just behind the scenes. Larry and 7Kaë took a chance on me and I really appreciate them for this.”

What do you love most about what you do?
“Being able to bring my goal into fruition by showing the world both sides the good and the bad.”

When did you first fall in love with music?
“I had a rap group when I was 5 years old… it’s in my heart”

What are your top 3 goals in life?
“Making sure my kids children will be ok, Travel more of the world, finding true happiness.”

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