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7Kaë AKA Krissie Bee | journalist and whatever else coach said
Zodiac Sign: capricorn
Hometown: Amarillo tx
Current City: dallas tx
Favorite Food: cheeseburger
Favorite Movie: the wood
Favorite Color: pink
Top 3 Music Albums (all time):
:miseducation of lauryn hill this was your life out of eden stacie orrico genuine.”
Top 3 Music Artists (all time):
lauryn hill bob marley etta james
What decade do you most relate with: 90s
Describe your fashion style: retro 90s
When not working… how do you relax: bud and bubbles
Little known fact about you: “im a lefty.”
Hidden Talent: “i play piano.”
Describe Friendship in 3 words: “compassion, loyalty,  empathetic.”
Describe Love in 3 words: “trust , loyalty, stability.”
Describe Art in 3 words: :peace, life, everything.”
What made you want to get into radio? “Had a lot to say, but didnt wanna be in front of ppl.”
What do you love most about what you do? “The impact on ppls lives we have the power to make.”
When did you first fall in love with music? “Church as a child. Still a gospel head to this day.”
What are your top 3 goals in life?
“To make sure my kids never want for anything. Stability. For my name and legacy to live on.”

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